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Making a Difference

For many years, I always kept my political preferences to myself. I didn’t tell people who I was voting for in upcoming elections because I was afraid I would be judged negatively. However, everything changed during the 2016 presidential election cycle. I supported one of the candidates wholeheartedly. Because I felt this person could make a positive difference in my country, I shared my support of him on social media outlets. I encouraged my family and friends to vote for him. I even wrote blogs outlining my preferred candidate’s strengths. On this blog, I hope you will discover the importance of publicly supporting a political candidate. Enjoy!




Making a Difference


What Happens When You Get Caught Cheating in College?

Cheating is a serious offense in college. However, around 75 percent of college students have admitted to cheating. In high school, you may get a failing grade or after-school detention. If you are caught cheating in college, then the incident stays on your record even if you transfer schools. Every college has a policy about academic dishonesty. You should familiarize yourself with this policy. If you decide to cheat in a class, then it is a decision that you could regret.