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Making a Difference

For many years, I always kept my political preferences to myself. I didn’t tell people who I was voting for in upcoming elections because I was afraid I would be judged negatively. However, everything changed during the 2016 presidential election cycle. I supported one of the candidates wholeheartedly. Because I felt this person could make a positive difference in my country, I shared my support of him on social media outlets. I encouraged my family and friends to vote for him. I even wrote blogs outlining my preferred candidate’s strengths. On this blog, I hope you will discover the importance of publicly supporting a political candidate. Enjoy!




Making a Difference

Tips When Starting Up a Political Blog

by Kirk Ramirez

If you have a passion for both writing and politics, starting a politically-based blog may be a great idea. You'll potentially earn money if your blog gets popular enough. These are a few strategies that can help you get running in no time.

Figure Out an Audience to Speak to

So that your political articles on this blog have meaning behind them, you want to figure out who your blog will be targeted to. Maybe it's a particular political party or a demographic going through certain political issues.

Identifying this audience early on will make it a lot easier to make decisions about your blog, such as the visual aesthetics it's going to have and the content that the articles are going to feature. Having direction on these things ultimately will make your political blog more impactful and potentially more popular.

Spend Time Investing in a Good Blog Platform

There are several blog platforms you can use for free when starting a political blog, but if you want to run into fewer issues and potentially get more out of this blog each time you write, then you might want to invest some money into a quality blog platform.

Your money will go to a good place. For instance, you may get access to a bunch of professional layouts that would be amazing for your political blog. You won't have to create codes for them, which is nice because this is a pretty time-consuming process. You may also get thorough support when you experience issues with your political blog. 

Stay Consistent

You want to have a beautiful layout and cater to the right audience when starting a political blog, but it's also essential you stay consistent on this platform. You need to be writing articles and posting every day, possibly even multiple times each day.

This consistency will pay dividends in gathering an audience and keeping them loyal in that they come back for more content. Whereas if you stopped writing — even for a couple of days — your audience may lose interest since you're not as active as they want you to be. Also, being consistent will make it easier to write politically-based articles each day. 

Thanks to the incredible resources that are available for blog creation, now everyone can start a blog and make it successful. If yours is a blog about politics, try to take the right strategies in the beginning so that your hard work pays off.